LKB-FGeneral Information

As part of our valve program we also offer the service to supply pre-manufactured valve manifolds based upon specific customer requirements.


Valve manifolds are widely used within the dairy, food, beverage and brewery industries and provides easy on site installation and connection to pipe connections.


How it works


The valve consists of two valve body halves, valve disc, bushes for the stem and seal ring. The valve is assembled by means of screws and nuts. The handle is fitted onto the valve by means of a cap/block system and screw.

Operating principle

The standard Alfa Laval LKB-F butterfly valve range is designed either for automatic or manual operation.

Manual or automatic operation for LKB and LKB-F The automated LKB butterfly valve is controlled from remote location by means of compressed air using a pneumatic actuator.

The actuator controls the axial movement of a piston, which rotates the shaft 90°. The torque exerted by the actuator increases when the valve disc contacts the valve sealing ring, to ensure effective closing. The actuator is available in three standard versions: normally closed (NC), normally open (NO) and air/air activated (A/A).

Manual handle is available.

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