Unique SSV Aseptic


This air-operated seat valve features the positive action of either a short-stroke or long-stroke actuator. The 761 valve is ideal for high volume, sanitary liquid processing applications. Its heavy-duty construction and precision-molded bonnet gaskets ensure positive alignment under severe operating conditions. The 761 valve has a sanitary and flexible design allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications, e.g. as a stop valve with two or three ports or as divert valve with three to five ports.

Working principle

The valve is remote-controlled by means of compressed air. It has few and simple moveable parts which results in a very reliable valve.

Standard Design

The 761 Series valves are designed to deliver years of reliable performance. Rugged and long-lasting plastic stem bushings eliminate metal-to-metal galling. The stems are threaded to the actuator shaft, eliminating the coupling between the stem and the actuator, thereby ensuring proper alignment. The valve stem design requires only a single o-ring seal.

And bushings at each end of the actuator cylinder support stem also ensure perfect alignment.

The 761 series features a heavy-duty bonnet and body ferrule design that will stand up to years of pounding from hydraulic shock. Standard 32Ra finish on the ID.


How it works

Operating principle

The Alfa Laval Unique SSV is an air-operated seat valve that is remotely operated by means of compressed air. The valve generally has two working ports for air supply in and for process air supply; for changeover valves, a third port is required.


The Alfa Laval Unique SSV range consists of one, two or three valve bodies, plug, sealing, actuator and clamp ring.

Unique SSV Aseptic


  • Fully maintainable actuator
  • High-pressure actuator
  • Product wetted seals in HNBR or FPM
  • Valve sensing and control devices, incl ThinkTop, ThinkTop Basic and IndiTop
  • Fittings in accordance with required standard
  • External surface finish 3-A bright

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