Unique SSV Tangential


The Unique Single Seat Tangential valve meets the highest demands of your process in terms of hygiene and safety. Built on the well-proven Unique SSV platform it offers complete drainability of the valve body on horizontally mounted valves. It can be configured as a shut-off valve with two (2) or three (3) ports or as a change-over valve with three (3) to five (5) ports.

Working principle

The valve is a pneumatic seat valve in a hygienic and modular design remote-controlled by means of compressed air. It has few and simple moveable parts which results in a very reliable valve and low maintenance cost.

Standard design

The Unique SSV Tangential valve comes in a one or two body configuration. With its module built structure it is designed for flexibility and easy customization through the electronic configurator. The valve features an optimized life span of the seals through a defined compression design. The actuator is connected to the valve body using a yoke and all components are assembled with clamp rings.


How it works

Operating principle

The Alfa Laval Unique SSV is an air-operated seat valve that is remotely operated by means of compressed air. The valve generally has two working ports for air supply in and for process air supply; for changeover valves, a third port is required.

Unique valve body

Unique SSV Aseptic


  • Fully maintainable actuator
  • High-pressure actuator
  • Product wetted seals in HNBR or FPM
  • TR2 plug seal in PTFE for special applications
  • Valve sensing and control devices, incl ThinkTop, ThinkTop Basic an d IndiTop
  • Fittings in accordance with required standard
  • External surface finish 3-A bright

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