Alfa Laval SaniMagnum Rotary Spray Head


The Alfa Laval SaniMagnum is an efficient replacement for traditional static spray balls as it uses low volumes of liquid at low pressure. The device, particularly well-suited to sanitary applications, can be used in tanks ranging from 5 m3 to 50 m3 (1,300 to 13,000 US gallons).

Working principle

The flow of the cleaning media causes the head of the SaniMagnum to rotate, with fan jets laying out a swirling pattern throughout the vessel. This generates a vibrating impact and cascading flow that covers all internal surfaces of the tank or reactor. The device’s self-cleaning feature is achieved by directing the cleaning media through the rotating bearing track and onto the neck of the elongated head.

Toftejorg SaniMagnum Rotary Spray Head Spray Pattern


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