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The process industry is becoming increasingly competitive with companies desperately looking to cut cost, increase profits and become more eco-friendly. All of which drives plant managers and operation directors to the following questions;

Can you afford not to replace your existing Agitators?

Replacing your existing Agitator with Agitators with smaller motors can reduce your energy costs by as much as 80% which is a good reason in itself. An Agitator with a profiled impellor blades can offer efficiency gains of up to 400% with the added benefit of increasing your yield, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Do you need to reduce your energy costs ?
  • Do you need to increase your efficiency gains ?
  • Do you need to increase your yield ?
  • Do you need to reduce your carbon footprint ?

To progress in all areas of our lives we need to understand how new technologies benefit us as well as understanding the impact on our planet. Without innovation there is no progress. The quote ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’, is no longer the best advice.

How can you tell if by replacing your existing Agitator with a new Agitator may have the capacity to improve and increase efficiency?

Firstly you need to understand the specification of your existing Agitator and identify potential areas within your process you are looking to improve. For example, if you are looking to reduce energy consumption then replacing your existing Agitator with an Agitator with a smaller more efficient energy saving Agitator could be a good start. Conventional Agitator motors with 11kW can be replaced with 3kW motors without any loss of production and in many cases increase yield.


How is this possible?

The design of the Agitator Profile Impellor blades hold the key to reducing energy consumption. A profiled Impellor design provides a high pumping effect and flow rates whilst only calling on the minimum power consumption from the drive.

retrofit agitator

The profiled impellor blade design allows;

  • Less shear stress and shear rate in the product
  • Less friction resulting in less heat
  • Less power input energy to the system
  • Less temperature increase

Compared to Agitators fitted with standard pitch blades, profiled impellor blade technology offers efficiency gains of up to 400% and reductions in energy cost by as much as 80%, reducing the cost of ownership and ever increasingly the importance of reducing carbon footprint providing the user with a highly efficient environmentally friendly solution.


Do I need to replace the existing mounting flange ?

No, not necessarily. Depending on the existing Agitator mounting flange on your vessel it may be possible to use the same mounting flange or make an adaptor flange for mounting the new Agitator.


How easy is it to replace your existing Agitator

It’s a straight forward process. If you can use your existing mounting flange that makes for a good start.

Working with an Agitator supplier they will be able to review your current Agitator performance and work with you to understand what you are looking to achieve and offer you the right solution, bespoke to your application.

Many Agitator suppliers now work with computerized analysis design and calculation software with advanced 3D CAD software. This gives you the confidence before committing to replacing your existing Agitator that you can reduce energy consumption and increase production compared to your existing Agitator. Payback calculations are also available which also helps to makes it an easy decision to retrofit your existing Agitator.

Agitator suppliers also offer technical support over the telephone and on-site during installation to support site Engineers to guarantee commissioning is a success first time.

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