Spray Balls

As the UK’s leading supplier of Targeted Spray Balls, we offer customers the confidence that their vessel will be cleaned without any shadow areas and pass that all important Riboflavin test which is becoming a standard requirement from many of our customers.

Here at inTank Technologies we use the latest software technology to design spray patterns that suit a customer’s individual requirements. Based on vessel size, equipment in the vessel (Agitators, Baffles, etc), product to be cleaned and the customer’s available flow and pressure, we are then able to design Spray Balls that not only clean the vessels, avoid shadow areas and pass a riboflavin test but that reduces water usage at the same time.

The Spray Balls can be supplied as a dip pipe assembly with clip, threaded or weld on connection. Exotic materials and improved surface finishes, electropolishing, along with full material traceability is also available. All Spray Balls are fully tested in our test facility to ensure they leave our company meeting our customer’s exact specification.

Within the Distilling Industry our Targeted Thick Walled Fixed Spray Balls can be widely seen. Working in applications such as Spirit Stills where target drilled spray patterns are required to not only clean the body of the Still but also the neck while using the minimum amount of water. We guarantee that there is no risk of cleaning fluid carry over into areas of the Still where it is not wanted.

Spray Ball Design

Targeted Thick Walled Fixed Spray Balls are very different to the standard stocked 16swg Fixed Spray Balls which are supplied in the standard 360°, 180°, side, down and up spray patterns.

Working within the Distilling, Brewery, Pharmaceutical, Food and Dairy Industry our application knowledge is extensive. From complex screw conveyor applications to vessels with over 300 filters requiring a complete solution to target clean 3.5 meters in length of filters across a 3.0 metre diameter. We target drill our spray balls to clean vessel sight glasses, vents, manways, etc. whilst removing shadow areas within vessels.

For further details contact inTank Technologies to find out how our unique Targeted Fixed Spray Ball technology will ensure your vessels not only looks clean but are clean.

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