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The OptiLobe range of rotary lobe pumps combines cost-effective simplicity with Alfa Laval quality and reliability. The OptiLobe range has been developed for general applications within the Dairy, Beverage and Food Industries.

The ‘OptiLobe’ pump range has been certified by EHEDG (European Hygienic Equipment Design Group) as fully CIP cleanable to their protocol, and therefore is ideally suited for applications where cleanability is paramount.

Also the OptiLobe pump range conforms to USA 3-A Sanitary Standard and all media contacting components are FDA compliant. The pump features the “EasyFit” front loading seal which allows quick and easy inspection or replacement without the need for pipework disassembly.

The ‘OptiLobe’ pump range is compact, efficient and capable of flow rates up to 48 m³/h and pressures up to 8 bar.


How It Works

Operating principle

A gear train in the pump gearbox drives the rotors and provides accurate synchronization of the tri-lobe rotors.


The movement of the counter rotating rotors creates a partial vacuum that allows atmospheric pressure or other external pressures to force fluid into the pump chamber. As the rotors revolve, an expanding cavity forms, filling with fluid. As the blades disengage, each dwell forms a cavity. As the rotor blades engage, the cavity diminishes and fluid is, displaced into the outlet port.


Alfa Laval rotary lobe pumps are positive displacement pumps with rotor case, rotor case cover, rotors, rotor nuts, shafts, gearbox and shaft seals and elastomers. The pumps operate with no internal contacting parts in the pump head.

The OptiLobe can be supplied either as a bare shaft pump or mounted on a base plate complete with coupling, guard, gear motor and shroud for easy plug-and-play installation.

The standard materials of construction are 316L stainless steel for all wetted parts, all stainless steel exterior and EPDM for all product-wetted elastomers. EasyFit shaft seals are fully front loading and fully interchangeable.

In addition, Alfa Laval manufactures all pump parts, including the rotor case and high-precision rotors. This facilitates maintenance and results in full interchange ability of spare parts.

Pump range

OptiLobe rotary lobe pumps are available with six different pump head displacements based upon 3 different gearbox modules., flow rates up to 48 m3/h, differential pressures up to 8 bar, temperatures up to 130°C and port sizes from 40 to 80 mm in diameter.

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