The Alfa Laval TJ40G Rotary Jet Head is the most hygienic tank cleaning machine on the market designed specifically to clean process vessels used across the Brewing, Distilling, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. This Rotary Jet Cleaning head generates a condensing, indexed 3D coverage pattern delivering high levels of impingement over a defined period, representing a guaranteed method of achieving repeatable quality assurance across all tank cleaning processes. Using the above benefits and the heads optimal cleaning pattern, reduces both water and chemical usage as well as reducing CIP process running costs by up to 70% when compared to a Static Spray Ball.

Unique Features


Directional flow from targeted small jets in the housing (1) nozzles (2) and Inlet Cone (3) clean the exterior of the unit, with specifically designed internal channels generating high levels of turbulence to also clean the internal components during the CIP process.


A low-pressure loss over the machine provides up to 25% increased cleaning efficiency compared with other tank cleaning machines running at same inlet pressure. The result is lower cleaning costs as the unit can run at lower pressures and flow rates when compared to other tank cleaning Machines.

The TJ40G first cleaning cycle marks out an even cleaning pattern with the second cycle spreads out on an offset making the pattern denser. The third cycle completes the clean. The TJ40G cleaning pattern allows for customer to clean tanks quicker whilst using less water and chemicals which results in lower cleaning costs and downtime.


Alfa Laval pattern 1 cycle

Alfa Laval pattern 2 cycle

Alfa Laval full cleaning pattern

View how effectively toothpaste is removed from tank internal walls using the TJ40G. The video clearly demonstrates the cleaning cycle pattern.

The demand for supplying hygienic tank cleaning for large storage and process tanks has increased over the years.  This resulted in the development of the TJ40G hygienic tank cleaning machine with improved self-cleaning, targeting large storage and process tanks.

With ATEX approval, the TJ40G is designed to clean vessel from 150m³. There is also an HD (Heavy Duty) option available which allows the unit to operate with recircled particles in the cleaning media.

The cleaning pattern is generated by the gear ratio of the unit, which means the ratio between how many times the hub and the body is rotating. With the optimal gear ratio jets are distributed evenly towards the internal tank surfaces allowing for faster distibution of water, and quicker cleaning performance.


Designed to reduce cleaning times, water and chemicals usage. It is like running both a fixed spray ball and rotary jet head together. This unique arrangement of instant flushing and high levels of impingement enables the optimum CIP process to be developed. Much faster coverage as well as foaming hard to clean vessels to give longer chemical contact time is another option. A unique breakthrough for ultra-fast vessel cleaning.

Food Industry  – The cleaning time of meat and fat process vessels has been reduced as a result of the Burst Rinse Nozzle’s ability to be used in conjunction with foaming detergent chemicals. The head generates fans of foam from the Burst Nozzles which coats the upper third of the cylindrical vessel giving the

foam a longer contact time and a faster more effective cleaning performance after just a short final rinse.

See how efficiently the Burst Rinse nozzles are distributing foam detergent evenly and quickly across the tank’s internal surfaces.

Brewery and Beverage Industry  – Two industries quick to see the benefits of this Burst Rinse Nozzle technology has been the Brewing and Distilling industries when cleaning their Fermentation/Washbacks. It is now possible to complete a Pre-Rinse cycle and just run 3 to 4 Caustic Burst phases of 30 second bursts with 5 minutes rest intervals in between, then simply go straight into a Final Rinse.

Distillery Industry  – The cleaning times for a Distillery stainless steel Washback’s has been dramatically reduced using the Burst Rinse Nozzle Technologies with recently installed Washback’s visually been cleaned in just 30 seconds because of the dual action of both rinsing and aggressive level of impingement generated by the TJ40G rotary jet head.

Personal Care Industry  – Hand cleaning Gel Soap: Vessels fitted with Anchor design Agitators with PTFE Scrapers in the past needed two cleaning heads due to the shadowing generated by the complicated Agitator design. With the addition of the fast rinsing Burst Rinse Nozzle technology these vessels are now cleaned using just one TJ40G rotary jet head.

Using these patterned TJ40G Burst Rinse Nozzles ensures a quick caustic burst to wet the internal surfaces of the tank, resulting in less caustic used whilst maintaining high mechanical impact cleaning and high levels of hygiene.

Understand more about how the patented Burst Clean Technology can benefit you.

TRAX Simulation software is available for the TJ40G. This unique software enables us to optimise the three Key Parameters to cleaning any vessel application, Wetting Intensity is the study of cleaning fluid coverage across all of the internal surfaces of the vessel, measured in L/m², Pattern Mesh Width is the study of the cleaning pattern density and finally Transversal Speed enables us to optimise the coverage speed of the cleaning jets as they pass across the internal surfaces of the vessel. Optimise these three parameters and you are assured of an optimal and repeatable CIP performance.


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