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TRAX / CAS Simulation Program

TRAX Simulation software allows inTank Technologies to validate and optimise the complete CIP process by optimising the three key parameters for cleaning any tank.

  • Wetting intensity in 1/m2
  • Pattern mesh width in mm
  • Transversal speed in m/sec
  • Identifying and avoiding shadow areas
  • Minimising cycle times and usage
  • Maximise CIP coverage across the vessels internal surfaces
  • Guaranteeing repeatable performance
  • Identifying and avoiding shadow areas
  • CAS selection and positioning tool enables inTank Technologies to:
    • Ensure the optimum CIP head selection, quantity and positioning for each application.
    • Calculate required cleaning radius and dip pipe lengths
    • Calculate the payback time

TRAX Simulation Showing Wetting Intensity

TRAX1) 2 cycles, 1.9 minutes
The simulation shows the cleaning pattern after 1.9 minutes

2) 4 cycles, 3.8 minutes
The cleaning pattern becomes more progressively denser as the cleaning media covers more of the

3) 6 cycles, 5.7 minutes
After 6 cycles, wetting intensity has increased and coverage is almost total

4) 8 cycles, 7.8 minutes
After 8 cycles or 7.6 minutes, the entire internal surface area of the tank has been impacted by the cleaning media and wetting intensity is at a maximum.

The above simulation is based on using the Toftejorg Rotary Jet Head TG20G.