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Offshore Support

Technical Support/Customer Service

We use a ‘whatever it takes’ approach to enabling our customers achieve their specific tank cleaning objectives, TCT has many years of tank cleaning experience and fully understand all aspects of the Pit/Tank cleaning process. We specialise in matching the cleaning head technology to the specific application, configuring systems to fit with the customers process water supply and available method of cleaning head deployment.

We use the latest in Shadow Analysis Technology to confirm optimum mounting positions for the fixed and portable cleaning head technology enabling us to put a very clear and concise operational package together confirming the exact cleaning performance that can be achieved including cycle times, required flow rates, pressures and method of operation.

Offshore Support

Spares and Repairs

We can service and repair all of the Gunclean Toftejorg cleaning head technology with spares in stock in the UK. The Mud Cleaning Chemical is stocked in the Alfa Laval workshops in Dyce Aberdeen.

Shadow Analysis

All tank cleaning begins with planning. In most cases it involves preparing a shadow diagram which indicates the areas that will not be hit by the tank cleaning jets. inTank Technologies Offshore take s an in-depth approach to planning tank cleaning installation by looking at the problems from all sides, we create solutions with no hidden shadows and no unpleasant surprises.

Three Dimensional Expertise – Our ability to plan effective installations derives from extensive experience and our unique software tool, G-Pass. G-Pass creates a three dimensional image of your tank, allowing us to see its corrugations, stringer platforms and other internal obstructions from all angles.

With G-Pass we make total assessment of tank shadows, taking into account your tank’s design and the position, quantity, jet length and jet hit angles from the cleaning machines. The tank obstructions can be viewed from all sides, even the smallest tank shadows are easy to see.

Well Defined Performance – G-Pass is designed for an optimal representation of what your installation will achieve. Whilst the software can handle any machine parameters, we advocate proven definitions of machine capability. For example, we recommend using effective jet length as defined in DNV and NK class notations which disregards the ineffective spray at the jet’s far end. We recommend using a 15° jet hit angle which ensure a thorough cleaning of surfaces impact by the jet.

Results and Reality – G-Pass shadow diagrams are prepared to comply with IMO regulations but results can also be documented for individual or special requirements. For example, obstruction that are normally discarded (e.g. faceplates, PMAs, ladders and pump stacks) can be included to provide a fuller picture.

Green Advantages

For vessels with cargoes that do not require hard impact cleaning, dual nozzle machines are the right choice. Since fluid is distributed by two nozzles the tank surfaces are covered twice as fast. This results in lower fluid consumption and less slop