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Offshore – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Optimum Inlet Pressure For A Rotary Jet Head?

6 – 8 bar because of the nature of the debris to be removed

Can A Double Diaphragm Pump Be Used To Operate Rotary Jet Head (T-82 Wizzy Head)?

Typically a portable T-82 rotary jet head can be operated from a Double Diaphragm Pump but it is never going to be ideal solution if the ultimate Pit cleaning performance is going to be required. Using this type of pump limits the effectiveness of the head because of the reciprocating action of the Double Diaphragm causing frictional losses through the flexible hoses as well as the limited compressed air supply pressure of around 6 bar will always mean the heads operating from a supply pressure of 3 – 4 bar.

What Is The Ideal Design Of Pump To Operate These Pit Cleaning Rotary Jet Heads?

A centrifugal pump

Should We Use A Filter In The Cleaning Fluid Supply Pipework?

Yes definitely if you are recirculation water and Mud, an in line or Duplex Filter should use with 2 – 3mm mesh

What Information Is Required On The Pit/Tank To Be Cleaned?

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Any internal fittings such as pipework, Agitators, Ladders
  • Open topped Pit
  • Closed Pit
  • Contents/debris to be cleaned
  • Available water supply
  • Available access for cleaning head technology through Pit roof/walls