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Support of inTank Technologies

inTank Technologies prides itself on the level of technical and onsite support that it can give to customers requiring the ultimate in Tank Cleaning, Mixing and Instrumentation technology.

All Industries are working hard to optimise their manufacturing processes by minimising the use of utilities and plant down time. inTank Technologies can play a big part in delivering the ultimate process tank performance, developing the optimum package of CIP cleaning heads, Mixing and Instrumentation technology.

Tank Cleaning Technology

inTank Technologies works hard in delivering the ULTIMATE SOLUTION in Tank Cleaning Equipment and being the ONE STOP SHOP for all Tank Cleaning Solutions, our commitment is to engineer solutions to guarantee the ultimate in OPTIMISED CIP PERFORMANCE.

Agitator Technology

inTank Technologies supports the unique Alfa Laval EnSaFoil Agitator range, covering top, side and bottom mounted units. The Agitators are designed to provide maximum mixing effect with a minimum of energy input. To achieve this we use many different computerised analysis methods and design systems, including FEM ( Finite Element Method ) calculation software, SALS design system as well as a Test Pilot Plant and Calibration Tanks.

Rotary Jet Mixing Technology

inTank Technologies is also the Distributor for the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer ISO-MIX, this unique mixing technology uses a simple recirculation loop complete with Jet Mixer positioned inside the tank to generate the ultimate, fast and efficient in mixing of liquids, powders and gases.

We can engineer complete recirculation loop packages to achieve the exact in mixing performance required coupled with if required deaeration or carbonation of the product before bottling etc. Tank design can be very simple without the requirement to withstand the weight and turning forces generated by the traditional Agitator. The final major design benefit comes into play when the tank is emptied as the Jet Mixer then is used as a rotary jet head to clean internal surfaces of the tank.

Maintenance Of The Tank Cleaning, Agitator And Jet Mixing Equipment

inTank Technologies dedicated Service Team visit sites across the UK process industry either surveying existing Tanks/CIP processes, managing cleaning and mixing trials as well as the very important process of maintaining the equipment to make sure that all of the operational benefits are reliably achieved.

Our Service Department stocks a large number of genuine Toftejorg spare parts available on a next day delivery service. Qualified Toftejorg Engineers are available for on-site customer repairs. A same day collection service is also provided for cleaning and mixing heads to be returned for repair/servicing.