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The Alfa Laval EnSaFoil agitator solution brings a modular tank mounted agitator system to the process industry. The agitator range is specifically designed to bring the maximum mixing effect through gentle controlled rotation yet the minimum of energy requirement.

MM UltraPure Magnetic Mixer

MM Ultrapure Magnetic Mixer’s Hygienic patented levitated impeller allows the mixer to be run dry and mix to the last drop; resulting in higher yields, no contact/zero friction between the bearing surfaces minimised wear, even when running dry.


The ISO-MIS Rotary Jet Mixer introduces a revolutionary innovative design which offers unmatched efficiency and proven benefits across the process industry. ISO-MIX enables fast efficient mixing through a closed loop sanitary system, allowing numerous process functions to be performed with one existing or new vessel without the need for traditional propeller based agitator systems and the associated mechanical seals.

Innovative inline Powder-Liquid Mixer

The Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer is a patented hygienic mobile and stationary unit that uses a single standard motor to disperse powders into liquids quickly and efficiently, and to pump the combined solution. By combining pumps and powder dissolving technologies, this versatile, easy-to-ese mixer produces homogeneous products at high productivity while delivering significant energy savings.

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