IBC Agitator

IBC Agitator 2Application

The Portable IBC Agitator is designed and manufactured for use with transportable IBC containers used for Mixing, Dissolving, Re-Suspending and Blending applications. Suitable for mixing Industrial and Sanitary products, including Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Detergents, Chemicals, Adhesives and Sealants and Waste Slurries.

Working Principle

The IBC Agitator is designed for use on 1,000 litre containers with 150mm screw caps. The folding design of impellers allows the Agitator to be easily removed from the IBC inlet.

The Agitator can be mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel bridge which mounts directly onto the IBC frame and is secured in place with a quick release toggle clamp with fork truck handling

IBC Agitator Image 2Power Sizes

A range of motor sizes are available from 0.55kw direct drives units to a maximum of 7.5kw for heavy duty applications. Power supply options, Three phase 415v / Single phase 240v or 110v / Pneumatic.


• Direct drive Agitators with 1,000 rpm or 1,500 rpm with propellers, electric or air driven.
• Geared drives allowing operation during low-level discharge
• IP66 Variable speed control box with RPM display allowing vast viscosity range mixing and agitation.
• Centrifugal impellers designed to enter 150mm (6”) inlets and large units for 200mm (8”) inlets.
• ATEX Variant, Electric and Pneumatic.
• Corrosive chemical process options with material contact parts coated in chemical resistant material.
• Powder and liquid feed chutes enabling the IBC to become the complete process vessel.

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