LKH Prime

Alfa Laval LKH PrimeIntroduction

Based on the market-leading Alfa Laval LKH pump, the Alfa Laval LKH Prime Centrifugal Pump is a versatile, highly efficient self-priming pump for use in hygienic applications, especially tank emptying and CIP return applications. With its combination of air-screw technology and advanced design, the pump can remove air from the suction pipe. Precision-engineered, the LKH Prime delivers greater energy efficiency than similar pumps. Its optimized design, premium motor, tight tolerances and advanced impeller and airscrew design minimize recirculation and reduce energy consumption.


The LKH Prime pump is designed to meet the stringent hygienic requirements across the food, dairy, beverage, and home-personal care industries. It is ideal for tank emptying and CIP return applications. With verified and effective CIP cleanability, the LKH Prime can be used as a product pump as well.

The LKH Prime is available in three sizes to handle capacities up to 100 m3/h and differential pressures up to 7.5 bar at 50 Hz.


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