Gunclean Toftejorg i40 SAlfa Laval’s single-nozzle Gunclean Toftejorg i40 S is a second-generation high-impact, fully programmable tank cleaning machine. Developed to meet the toughest tank cleaning requirements, it features a hysteresis clutch with built-in speed adjustment.

This innovative clutch construction not only eliminates shaft penetration between the turbine and gearbox, but also prevents slippage and false starts. In combination with optimized design and new, wear-resistant materials, it makes the Gunclean Toftejorg i40 S a simple and reliable choice for cost-effective operation.


The Gunclean Toftejorg i40 S is designed for use in fixed installations aboard chemical and product carriers as well as in offshore applications. Its reliable operation and wear-resistant design make it suitable for use in all types of tank cleaning applications. With a required deck opening of only 145 mm, the i40 S machine is the optimal machine for upgrading older tank cleaning machines on chemical tankers.

Dual Nozzle

Flowrate: 3-56 m3/hour

Applications: Chemical, Product, Supply Vessels, Offshore Rigs


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