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The Pharmaceutical And Chemical Industry

Pharmaceuticals And ChemicalThe pharmaceutical and chemical industry has very differing processes, products and cleaning standard requirements, applications stretch from the Biotech Plant to a Bulk Chemical manufacturing facility.

It is an industry where huge progress has been made in cleaning head design with cleaning head systems now able to support the whole CIP process with validatable information on the success of the CIP recipe and it progress regarding implementation.

Rotary heads are now commonly used because of their abilities to achieve repeatable cleaning standards with the minimum of water/solvent usage, for example as low as 1.5m3/hr, this is very important when cleaning with very expensive solvent or WFI.

But all cleaning head technologies are used across the industry in the differing applications with the fixed spray ball being favoured in many powder manufacturing processes either on retractable units or fixed installed inside of Filters and Duct Work etc.

These are industries that can still benefit greatly from the wider use of the new cleaning head technologies but because of the requirement for re-validation after any changes to equipment or process design etc, it is always going to take many years to achieve a big change.