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Food ProcessingThe food industry has to be one of the largest and most diverse process industries of all because it encompasses products from soups and sauces to biscuits/bread to jams and yogurts to name just few, all of which are made from very different ingredients and in their own specific manufacturing plant.

CIP plays a very big part in the manufacturing process in the food industry especially when products are made in short campaigns where frequent cleaning is required or where there is cooking/heat involved in the process with the added complication of mixing/agitation.

It is possible to clean even the most burnt on products automatically using typically a RJH and the correctly chosen chemicals in very short cycle times on a repeatable basis it just takes careful positioning of the chosen cleaning head technology to guarantee no shadows are created by the internal structures during the CIP cycle.

Cleaning head technology is used across all of the process industries to prepare the tank for production of the next batch of product, below is a short description of typical applications across the different process industries.

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