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Herd Of Cows Diary IndustryThe Dairy Industry has many different manufacturing processes and applications all demanding good levels of hygiene and fast repeatable CIP cycle times.

Raw Milk Silo’s

Cleaning large Silo’s is relatively simple as Milk rinses away quite easily, the real issue is to achieve a good repeatable level of clean in the shortest possible time using the minimum amount of utilities.

There is always going to be a balance regarding CIP volume requirements as the Silo’s are normally cleaned at the same time as the outlet pipe work which can be 4”– 6” in diameter. This means careful attention has to taken when sizing the cleaning head type so that the flow rate through it allows the cleaning of the pipe work as well. In the last five years all major dairy expansions/new builds have used the SaniMega Rotary spray head with great effect, achieving all the latest cleaning demands whilst at the same time minimising the use of the dairies precious utilities by at least 30%.

Cream Tanks

These tanks have Agitators inside and normally require more than one head to clean it, using a short rinse to recover any product remaining after the tank has been emptied and then moving on to the normal CIP cycle.

RSH’s are commonly used in this type of application although the latest RJH’s are being used more and more to minimise product recovery rinse water volumes and achieve fast turn around times.

Yoghurts and Cheese’s

Tanks manufacturing these products can sometimes be the most complex in the Dairy and again RSH and RJH technologies are the most common cleaning systems used.


A Dryer plant is made up of Filters, Cyclones, Dryer Chambers and interconnecting Duct Work, all requiring cleaning on a regular basis with basically all of the different types of cleaning head technologies used across the system.

RJH’s for the main Dryer and the larger Cyclones, fixed or retractable spray balls for the Duct Work and Filters.

The Dairy Industry produces a very broad spectrum of products, in addition to the above, Fruit Juices, Milk Flavoured Drinks, Yoghurt Drinks, all varieties of Cheese’s and Butter etc. The industry will always be looking to use the latest in CIP cleaning head technologies and processes to maximise their operational efficiency to help them stay competitive in a very tough market place.

Should you be looking to retrofit your agitator?

There must be a major benefit when considering replacing conventional Agitators with new ones.  One of the most important reasons for a dairy to retrofit existing equipment is to achieve considerable energy savings. Discover how this was achieved by a company in Germany

Key benefits;

  • Alfa Laval EnSafoil ALS Agitators with specially designed rotor blades use up to 80% less energy than conventional Agitators.
  • The Agitator blades displace the milk with very low shear stress.
  • Alfa Laval Agitators can be customised to the exact needs of the plant and installed from either the top, bottom or side.
  • Agitators can be easily maintained and serviced without removing the Agitator from the tank.

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Is it time to retrofit your Agitator?

The process industry is becoming increasingly competitive with companies desperately looking to cut cost, increase profits and become more eco-friendly. All of which drives plant managers and operation directors to the following questions; Can you afford not to replace your existing Agitators? Replacing your existing Agitator with Agitators with smaller motors can reduce your energy [...]

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