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Beer Pub Brewing IndustryIn the Brewing Industry clean in place (CIP) is a big part of the brewing process, with many differing applications all with their own particular cleaning demands. The tank sizes are large and some have heavy levels of soiling making the correct choice of cleaning head technology very important.


This has to be one of the harder to clean applications in the brewery, the tanks are large, there is a lot of high temperatures so burn on of product is encountered, high levels particulates are left behind after the process and some of the applications have internal structures creating shadow areas such as Rake Arms and Kalandria’s.

So to effectively achieve a repeatable clean of the Brewhouse the unit most commonly used is the TZ-74 Brew Kettle version which is specially configured internally to withstand the high volumes of recirculated product and the generally hostile environment.


Fermentation Vessels come in all shapes and sizes, from vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, Yorkshire Square’s or horizontal Bread Loaf shaped vessels which all require good levels of impingement to guarantee removal of the heavy Yeast, Trub/Proteins and Hop Materials.

Another difficult aspect of cleaning the horizontal Fermenters is the Yeast or Bottoms which can build up to as much as 6” on the floor of the vessel, but this can be removed by burst washing with a RJH for 1 minute and then scavenging for up to 2 minutes and so on for another 2 – 3 bursts.

The unit used predominately to clean these applications is the RJH because good impingement is required as well as fast cycle times, whilst at the same time minimising the use of utilities and the generation of effluent.

Yeast Tanks

Most often these applications will have an offset or centrally mounted agitator and use 3 cleaning heads to clean it, 2 positioned in the top dish and 1 down low to clean underneath the Agitator blade. Sterility is very important to achieve and in new tank installations 1 RJH is used complete with the validation system Rotacheck to give that repeatable cleaning standard with feed back on each segment on the CIP cycle as it progresses.


Many of these tanks can be horizontal with the requirement for good Bottoms removal, the tanks are large and use many fixed spray balls but the retrofit of RJH’s bring the benefits as described with Horizontal Fermenters.

Bright Beer

The cleaning difficulty for this application is typically less than the rest of the applications in the Brewery as this is finished Beer, there will be no fill level build up or bottoms to remove so the cleaning head technology can be either the Fixed Spray Ball or the more efficient Rotary Spray Head.