SB Membrane Sample Valve

SB Membrane Sample ValveConcept

The membrane sample valve is used for sampling from tanks and pipework under sterile conditions. The valve is sterilized in place with alcohol or steam. Membrane sealing directly against product ensures representative sampling, giving repeatable results safe to secondary contamination.

Working principle

Before opening the valve, the closing cap should be placed on upper hose piece. When handle is placed into horizontal position the required flow through the lower outlet is obtained. When handle is back into vertical position the valve is closed and the handle can be removed if required. Aseptic sampling is possible from a special valve type with micro port. By removing the red closing cap, a hypodermic needle can be inserted through a central channel into the membrane and the aseptic sampling takes place with the valve in closed position. After sampling the valve should be flushed with water or alcohol. Sterilization has to take place by means of alcohol or steam.

Standard Design

All types are available for manual or pneumatic operation. The two outlets are hose pieces designed as clip-on. The standard valve is equipped with one clip-on closing cap.


How It Works


The valve consists of a valve body, actuator and membrane seal, which is placed on the stem of the actuator and works as a stretchable plug. The valve is available in three different actuator designs:

  • Manual – For manual activation
  • Manual + Micro Port – For manual activation or sampling using a hypodermic needle to penetrate the membrane for sample taking.
  • Manual + Pneumatic – For manual or pneumatic activation when the valve is connected to pipes for automatic sampling. The valve is then supplied with pipe outlet connections.

Operating Principle

To take a sample, rotate the handle in a clockwise direction to open the valve. This retracts the membrane allowing the liquid to pass through the valve into the sample container. To close the valve for sterilization before and after taking each sample, rotate the handle in a counter-clockwise direction to channel between the valve ports is open for sterilization.

Function and cleaning

1     Alcohol sealed valve

2     Alcohol is drained and the valve can be steam sterilized

3     Sample is taken

4     Valve is flushed with water/alcohol

5     Valve is sealed with alcohol

Type W - Harvest Yeast Sample Valve

Type W – Harvest Yeast Sample Valve

The valve is available in three different mounting designs:


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