General Information

As part of our valve program we also offer the service to supply pre-manufactured valve manifolds based upon specific customer requirements.


Valve manifolds are widely used within the dairy, food, beverage and brewery industries and provides easy on site installation and connection to pipe connections.

Standard Design

• Welding Procedures according to EN 288-3.
• Orbital Welding wherever possible.
• All external pipe ends have welding ends each 100 mm long.
• Product wetted parts are AISI 316L/EPDM.
• Internal and external acid treatment and external glass blasting, after the welding.
• Adjustablefeet+/- 30 mm.
• Valves welded directly together wherever possible.
• Access allowed for in the design to enable service access.
• Surface roughness (app. Ra 1,6 micron).


• Connections welded on to the external pipe ends.
• Polished surfaces
• Cat walk for service access.
• Internal air distribution.
• Internal wiring and junction box.
• PLC equipment / master gateway etc.
• Special frame design etc.
• Dummy bodies.


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