Unique DV-P UltraPure


Alfa Laval Unique Diaphragm Valve Premium UltraPure (DV-P) for use in sterie and ultra-hygienic processes. The new diaphragm valve concept is optimized for double flow with significantly reduced pressure drop.The design secures quick,easy and safe fastening by a single-thread mechanism.The concept is based on Georg Fischer technology.

Working principle

The valve can be operated either pneumatically or manually. For manual operation a simple turn on the handle will operate the valve to either open or closed position and a simple pull-out function on the handle will lock the handle in position. Pneumatic operation can be done by means of compressed air and operate the valve according to actuator function.

Standard Design

The Unique DV-P with its modular design, consisting of: valve body, diaphragm, handle or actuator, and possibly automation and control units


How it works


The Alfa Laval Unique Diaphragm Valve – Premium (DV-P) UltraPure is a hygienic diaphragm valve, which consists of a valve body, diaphragm, handle or actuator, and indication and control units. Its compact modular design enables a wide range of purpose-built configurations to meet various process requirements

Operating principle

The DV-P is designed either for manual operation or for automatic operation.

Manual operation

The Diaphragm Valve – Premium is controlled by means of a handle. A simple turn of the handle presses the diaphragm downwards, pushing it against the valve weir and thereby closing the valve.

Pneumatic operation

The DV-P is operated by means of compressed air using a pneumatic valve actuator. The pneumatic valve actuator controls the axial movement of a piston, opening or closing the valve depending on the actuator function.


• Mode of operation
– Manual with choice of handle
– Pneumatic with choice of spring-operated (NC/NO) – or air-operated actuator (A/A).

• Diaphragm material
– Soft elastomers: EPDM,
– Hard elastomers: PTFE/EPDM

• Two-way diaphragm valve body: – Clamped ends
– Welded ends

• Indication and control units for pneumatic actuators
– Control units
– Indication units (ATEX units available)
– Stroke limiters
– Positioners

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