Ball Valve UltraPure

Ball Valve UltraPureConcept

Ball Valve UltraPure is ideal for applications requiring a full flow body design to minimize line turbulence and pressure drop. Seat with cavity filler is standard offering for critical process applications requiring minimum risk for product entrapment.

Standard Design

The Ball Valve UltraPure consists of a stainless steel body that houses a rotating ball. The rotating ball is sealed in the body with a PTFE seat that fully encapsulates the ball. The valve is activated by a stainless steel handle that opens and closes the valve through a quarter turn. External thrust springs maintain constant pressure on the stem seal. The stem seal design eliminates the possibility of the stem becoming dislodged or blown out.


How it works


The Alfa Laval 5308/5309 Series Ball Valve consists of a valve body, two flanges, PTFE valve seats, ball, stem unit and a handle for manual operation. For quick and easy inspection and maintenance, the valve easily assembles and disassembles with welded-end flange screws.

Operating principle

A precision-made ball with a bore, or opening, is positioned inside the valve body between two flanges and two PTFE valve seats.


• Quarter-turn handle for manual operation
• Fittings in accordance with required standard (ISO or DIN)
• PTFE encapsulated valve seats

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