IM10 Rotary Jet Mixer

IM Rotary Jet MixerThe patented IM 10 Rotary Jet Mixer (RJM) does not only mix fast, efficient and uniform but creates also the necessary process flexibility that makes it easy to switch to new product formulations with diverse viscosities, densities and volumes. Besides classic liquid to liquid mixing the RJM is excellent for gas and powder dispersion plus a superb tank cleaning machine.


Process and storage vessels between 1-10 m3 used in a wide range of industries such as: beer & beverage, food & ingredients, home & personal care, health care, biotech and chemical industry etc.


Ensure that the mixer is positioned in the correct level and submerged into the liquid before round pumping or when adding any additional products from any up-stream pipe works.

The Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer IM 10 is placed inside the tank/reactor under the liquid surface of the liquid volume to be mixed.

The mixer is combined with an external recirculation loop. The fluid of the tank/reactor is recirculated through this loop and reintroduced in the tank/reactor through the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer IM 10. The more fluid being recirculated, the more effective mixing is obtained.

The mixer should be placed in the centre of the fluid to be mixed. Minimum 200 mm under the liquid surface. The flow of fluid to be mixed passes from the tank into the mixer through a turbine, which is set into rotation. The turbine rotation is through a gearbox transformed into a combined horizontal rotation of the mixer body and a vertical rotation of the nozzles. The combined motion of the mixer body and the nozzles ensures a fully indexed tank mixing.


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