ISO-MIX Rotary Jet Mixers

The ISO-MIX Rotary Jet Mixer introduces a revolutionary innovative design which offers unmatched efficiency and proven benefits across the process industry. ISO-MIX enables fast efficient mixing through a closed loop sanitary system, allowing numerous process functions to be performed within one existing or new vessel without the need for traditional propeller based agitator systems and the associated mechanical seals.

The rotating mixer head is simple to install under the liquid surface within the process vessel and combined with a basic recirculation loop and pump, the recirculating liquid is pumped back through the head which drives an impeller and in turn a geared drive ensuring a controlled rotation of the jet mixer. The 360 degree rotation of the mixer allows the entire vessel contents to come into contact with the injected product and as such provides highly effective mixing and dispersal within the vessel.

Typical applications include:

Mixing Liquid into Liquid

The ISO-MIX system is proven to reduce mixing times from hours to minutes, across all liquid types: Fibrous and non-fibrous, from low to high viscosities. With applications across many industries including the beverage industry in the form smoothies & concentrates mixing, soft drink sugar syrup & flavour mixing, and spirit blending. The jet mixing technology is designed to ensure quick efficient mixing and dispersal of small ingredient volumes into large volumes. The installation of ISO-MIX provides increased capacity at a low investment cost without the need for additional costly mixing vessels.

Powder Mixing

Installing the ISO-MIX recirculation loop in conjuction with an inline powder mixer/ flash blender ensures stabilisers, thickeners and other difficult to dissolve hydrophobic powders are quickly dissolved and rapidly mixed into the vessel contents. The solution ensures the powders do no form ‘fish eyes’ or partly wetted crusted. Bringing proven benefits to the personal care and chemical industries.

Deaeration and Carbonisation

The ISO-MIX mixing technology also makes removing Oxygen to levels to below 5 ppb simple, reliable and economical. The introduction of N2 or CO2 into the recirculation loop causes small bubbles to be generated and distributed uniformly by the ISO-MIX. ISO-MIX have applications in deaeration of water, soft drinks and beer. Similarly using the same technique of introducing gas through the mixer and into the tanks contents, soft drinks can be quickly carbonated ensuring high solubility with efficiencies close to 100%.

Mixing Technology


Simple retrofitting/installation into Fermenter vessels provides highly efficient agitation and recirculation of the yeast through the ISO-MIX, simultaneously sweeping of the bottom cone ensures improved yeast dispersal cutting fermentation time by up to half (from 14 days to 7). Installation of the ISO-MIX within beer fermenters allows fermentation capacity to be maximized, efficient temperature control through improved circulation contact with the cooling jackets or through an inline heat exchanger. The result is improved beer quality, whilst the gentle handling of yeast and avoidance of hotspots ensures improved yeast viability.

Optimal CIP Performance from the ISO-Mix Rotary Mixer

Coupled with the above benefits to the process industry the ISO-MIX also doubles as the most efficient CIP Rotary Jet Head, with proven advantages of RJH cleaning, offering repeatable fast, efficient cleaning guaranteeing the minimum use of precious site utilities, reducing water and chemical consumption & effluent volumes by up to 50% whilst minimizing production down time through impingement cleaning of the vessels.

Mixing Technology

Case Studies

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