The Alfa Laval EnSaFoil agitator solution brings a modular tank mounted agitator system to the process industry. The agitator range is specifically designed to bring the maximum mixing effect through gentle controlled rotation yet the minimum of energy requirement.

Currently available in four main configurations;

The modular design allows the exact configuration to be tailored to meet specific requirements and enable site standardisation on Drive Units (Drive Motor and Gear), Bearing support, and lantern including Seal arrangements and the associated spare parts.

The modular construction can be built up to meet the exact application be it pressurised or non-pressurised tanks, varying shapes, size, orientation and allow any sanitary level including Aseptic requirements to be achieved.

The Alfa Laval EnSaFoil Agitator range is configured to meet the most stringent process duties from keeping a vessel contents Homogenous, mixing powders & liquids, dissolving ingredients, keeping particulates in suspension, through to heat transition and dairy fermentation, all of which can be supported with process guarantees.

The Energy Saving Foil (EnSaFoil) propeller design provides high pumping effect and flow rates whilst only calling on the minimum power consumption from the drive. Offering efficiency gains up to 400% compared to an Agitator fitted with standard pitch blades. And reduction in energy costs by as much as 80%, reducing the cost of ownership and ever increasingly important reduced carbon footprint providing the user with a highly efficient environmentally friendly solution. The profiled propeller design also ensures the highest sanitary levels are achieved, polished to <0.8 µm with no flat surfaces for prevent product build up and no internal shadow areas which would prevent effective CIP.

A large selection of sealing’s allows our solution to be fitted to all tank types, with Radial Seals available for cost effective top mounting on Atmospheric vessels, high sanitary non-bellow single mechanical seal for side mounted solutions, dry running mechanical seals for pressure vessels and double mechanical seals for pressure vessels or where a sterile barrier is required.

The lantern spacer housing the oil trap not only ensures an oil leakage will never reach the vessel contents but also allows a visible seal inspection and easy access for servicing.

The Agitator solution also enables reduced maintenance costs and down time, due to numerous unique design features, including long mechanical seal life, sealed life lubricated bearing carrier and detachable shaft which provides the ability to change the mechanical seal from out side of the tank – a key feature with the increased focus on confined space and vessel entry laws. The detachable shaft also allows the service engineer to simply detach the shaft leaving the shaft and propeller in situ whilst working on the external parts in the workshop.

Externally the Agitator is designed with sanitary requirements in mind, the Stainless Steel bearing carrier and lantern with fully washable and all joints fitted with outer seal o-rings.

The mixer is designed to comply with the European and American Hygienic Standards (EHEDG, USDA, FDA and 3A) with ATEX (Zone 1 internal and external) certification and Material Certificates are also available.

The portfolio also includes EnSaFerm propellers for fermentation applications, ProShear for medium shear mixing and ProDisp for high shear requirements.