Fixed Spray Balls

Thick Walled Spray Balls & Mushroom Balls

The advantage of the thick wall is that each hole effectively becomes a nozzle producing a very efficient cleaning jet. The creation of the jet helps provide both further throw/reach and improved impact cleaning.

A standard range of spraying patterns are available (360, 270, 180), but with today’s demands for efficiency, our engineers can fine tune drilling patterns to maximise cleaning and minimise waste.

The Balls can be drilled to target specific areas, similarly spray nozzles can also be used to provide additional spray patterns, misting etc where required. Modifications can also be made to suit users’ specifications, depending on size of vessel, type of cleaning required and available flow rate/pressure.

Mushroom Balls allow for an increased number of upward facing holes to be drilled, commonly used where CIP is required to clean multiple vessels inlets/nozzles.

Similarly the mushroom balls lend themselves to applications which call for the majority of CIP to be directed back towards the spray ball inlet.

The Thick Walled spray balls and Mushroom balls are available in a wide range of sizes, connection types, materials and finishes to suit individual requirements with 3.1B material certificates as standard with Stainless Steel balls and other materials certificates on request.

The thin walled fixed ball is the simplest spray head technology that can be used to achieve a basic rinse of the internal surfaces of a tank. The balls are manufactured in diameters ranging from 20mm to 94mm and with spray patterns available in 360° and 180° up and down as well as horizontal. They are drilled to cater for all flow rate requirements and come complete with inlet connection sizes for all clip on and BSP female requirements. The balls are manufactured in 316L stainless steel with surface finish options down to 0.5 microns with full 3.1b material certification being available on request.

LKRK Spray Ball


The LKRK is a fixed ball used for cleaning storage tanks in the food and beverage industries. Fixed spray balls are used for less demanding cleaning duties.

Spray Balls

Special Fabrications

Whether optimising existing CIP performance or installing new systems the project often involves more than just the cleaning head technology.

This may include simple adaptors, connections and clip-on reducers or more specialist bespoke fabrications. Tank Cleaning Technologies have the capability to design, develop and fabricate a solution to suit the application.

We design and fabricate special dip-pipe assemblies, removable lances, spray ball manifolds etc to ensure the cleaning heads are positioned in the correct position within the tank. The fabrications can be as simple as standard dip-pipe assemblies or more complicated solutions where the existing CIP connection is in the wrong place or to suit vessels with hard to clean areas and limited access.

Our special fabrications are available in a range of materials and finishes to suit individual requirements with certification on request.

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