Alfa Laval PlusClean® is a wall mounted cleaning nozzle designed for cleaning of shadow areas in tanks; e.g. below agitator blades and other tank internals. PlusClean is smoothly integrated into the tank wall. When activated during Cleaning-in-Place (CIP), PlusClean covers cleaning shadow areas with a high impact fan of cleaning media, giving the market’s first guarantee of 100% impact cleaning coverage.


There is a broad range of applications within hygiene-critical industries such as food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, but likewise applications such as personal care, home care and less hygiene critical applications. PlusClean is the key to ensure high product yield by eliminating any risk of contamination. This is done by targeting cleaning media to the shadow zones for reinforced hygienic tank cleaning. PlusClean is optimal for installation in all tank types and tank sizes with highest hygienic tank cleaning requirements to ensure high product quality


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