IBC Wash Station

Clean Totes and IBC’s

Clean your totes in house faster and more economical than any other tote cleaning process or system. Simple and easy to use, with guaranteed results.

Clean any IBC or Tote in 2-7 Minutes

With the Gamajet ToteBlast Station you can now handle your tote and IBC cleaning in house. This complete all-in-one tote cleaning system utilizes Gamajet’s patented rotary impingement technology designed to blast residue from the tank interior, in a precise, global indexing pattern. Gamajet’s 100% guaranteed cleaning technology ensures the entire tote interior is thoroughly cleaned in the most efficient manner, utilizing the least amount of resources including: time, energy, chemicals, and water.

The ToteBlast station comes equipped with everything you need to set up a tote cleaning system. The simplicity in design and the affordability, coupled with the most durable and effective technology makes this the ideal tote cleaning system for ANY application, industrial or sanitary.

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Fast: Clean any tote in 2-7 minutes Clean the entire tote, including the top and corners Powerful: Clean a variety of residues Affordable: A fraction of the cost of CIP systems.


Totes IBCs MPTs In all industries


Any and All including: Paints, Adhesives, Chemicals Petroleum products Food and Beverages products and ingredients Pharmaceutical products and ingredients Personal Care products and ingredients products And many more.

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