SX UltraPure


SX UltraPureThe Alfa Laval SX UltraPure Rotary Lobe Pump is designed with optimized pump head geometry and multi-lobe rotors to ensure low-shear operation with minimum pulsation. This makes the SX UltraPure the best choice for  maintaining the integrity of delicate products in high-purity applications.

The pump is designed according to the most stringent hygienic design standards and with verified, effective Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-in-Place (SIP).


The SX UltraPure Rotary Lobe Pump is designed for gentle transportation of process fluids in high-purity applications across the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and home and personal care industries.

The SX UltraPure is available with 14 different pump head displacements based on seven different gearbox modules to handle flow rates up to 115 m3/h and differential pressures up to 15 bar.


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