LKH Prime UltraPure

LKH Prime UltraPureApplications

The LKH Prime UltraPure is a highly efficient self-priming pump, which meets the requirements of pharmaceutical industries. The ability to evacuate air from the suction pipe combined with a low noise level and high pumping efficiency makes this pump ideal for tank emptying and CIP return applications. With verified effective CIP cleanability, LKH Prime UltraPure can be used as a product pump as well.

Standard design

Based on the LKH UltraPure, it is designed to be cleaned in place. The LKH Prime UltraPure has a stainless steel shroud for protection of the motor, and the complete unit is supported on four adjustable stainless steel legs. Unlike conventional self-priming pumps the LKH Prime UltraPure has an impeller which can be trimmed for application.

Shaft seals

The pump is equipped with either an external single or a double mechanical shaft seal. Both have stationary seal rings made from stainless steel AISI 329 with sealing surface in silicon carbide and rotating seal rings in silicon carbide as standard.


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