Offshore Product Range

Offshore Pit Cleaning Solutions

Minimising the impact that the Pit Cleaning process has on the day to day operation of the Rig or Supply Vessel.

inTank Technologies brings to the Offshore Industry all of the key product technologies together to enable true Mud Pit/Offshore Tank cleaning processes to be achieved safely, simply and very cost effectively. Our Tank Cleaning Division TCT has many years of experience in all aspects of tank cleaning across all of the UK Process Industry. For the Offshore Industry specific packages of equipment has been developed to clean all tank/Mud Pit related applications, from simply using portable rotary jet head technology coupled with Hose, Hose Saddle and Mud Cleaning Chemical to semi and fully automated tank/Pit cleaning systems where effluent and cleaning waste volumes are kept to minimum dramatically reducing the volumes of waste returning from the Rig for processing.

Tank Cleaning Technologies has the full capability to analyse each and every cleaning application using the latest in TRAX Tank Cleaning Simulation and Shadow Analysis software, this true in depth analysis enable us to confirm specific head configurations, mounting positions, typical cleaning cycle times and required flow and pressure etc.

Whether you require just a simple portable cleaning head or a complete automated Mud Pit cleaning system, Tank Cleaning Technologies can offer the complete package with all of the required indepth technical support to guarantee commissioning and on going tank/Mud Pit cleaning processes are a success first time and every time.

Mud Pit Cleaning with Single and Dual Nozzle

Single Nozzle technology uses a helical cleaning pattern that can be adjusted to individual cleaning requirements.

  • High Impact
  • Slower tank Coverage
  • One hit all the time
  • Helical cleaning Pattern

Dual nozzle tank cleaning machines are pre-programmed for 4-10 different cycles depending on the type of machine.

  • Less impact
  • Fast tank coverage, cycle or complete pattern
  • Two hits all the time
  • Cross-cross cleaning pattern

Green Advantages

For vessels with cargoes that do not neccesitate har-impact cleaning, dual-nozzle machines are the right choice. Since the fluid is distributed by two nozzles, the tank surfaces are covered twice as fast. This results in lower fluid consumption and less slop.

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