ThinkTop D30

ThinkTop D30Concept

The ThinkTop D30 is designed to ensure valve control in a basic market using Alfa Laval air operated actuators such as butterfly, single and double-seat valves. It is compatible with all major PLC systems (Programmable Logic Controller) with a digital PNP interface. It is for use in food, dairy and brewery installations. ThinkTop D30 is a complementary, alternative solution to the existing range of control units.

ThinkTop D30 is the first of its kind on the market that focuses on new methods to simplify all aspects of using a basic control unit to minimise and optimise installations instead of using external solenoid valves.

Working principle

The ThinkTop D30 is an easy-to-use plug ‘n play control unit with integrated intelligence which monitors the status of the operating air pressure, identifying air leakage or failing air pressure. The integrated solenoid valve allows control of the processing valve.

Mounted on top of the valve, the unit receives signals from a PLC system to control the solenoid valve and it returns the supervised air pressure signals for valve energized or de-energized to the PLC system. ThinkTop D30 has a 360 degree visual valve status indicator, which can be seen at a distance and at any angle.


How It Works


The ThinkTop Basic sensing and control unit is a uniform modular control head that consists of a proven no-touch, set-and-forget sensor system with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), solenoid valves and valve control sensor board for connection to any PLC (Programming Logic Controller) system.

Operating principle

The sensor system accurately detects valve stem movement, the position of the valve at any given time, with an accuracy of ± 0.1mm through the use of microchip sensors. To locate the current valve position, sensor chips inside the sensor board calculate the angle between the axial magnetic field produced by an indication pin mounted on the valve stem.

The sensor system receives signals from the PLC system to energize or de-energize the air-operated valve. It then transmits feedback signals indicating the main valve position and condition back to the PLC system. Up to three solenoid valves convert the sensor signals from electrical current into mechanical energy to energize or de-energize the air-operated valve, using the physical stimulus of an indication pin mounted on the valve stem.

Each control head fits any Alfa Laval sanitary valve and has a valve tolerance band with a default tolerance. This boosts eliminates the need to re-adjust the sensors, boosts productivity and effectively prevents operating errors.

LEDs conveniently display the main valve position, solenoid activation, setup and local fault indication on the control head.

Integrated communication

Two types of interfaces can connect ThinkTop Basic to any PLC system and may be used in any combination:

• Digital interfaces
• AS-Interface (with 62 nodes)

For more information, please refer to Documentation.

Ease of installation

ThinkTop Basic fits onto all Alfa Laval sanitary actuators equipped with mushrooms. Installation is straightforward; no special expertise, adapters or tools are required. Simply press a five-button startup sequence to initiate foolproof manual setup.

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