CM Conditioning Monitor


Alfa Laval CM condition monitorThe Alfa Laval CM condition monitor is a quick and easy battery operated device, to attach to rotating equipment and detect any change in the equipment behaviour compared to the benchmark baseline on set-up. Providing users with easy, safe data via bluetooth to enable them to optimise process uptime, assist in maintenance scheduling and efficiency and reduce operating costs.

The Alfa Laval CM periodically measures the tri-axial vibration of the installed unit and the internal temperature storing 3 months of data for analysis, comparing it to the original baseline set-up values and pre-set warning and alarms, which if exceeded provide a visible indication via its LED and via the users mobile device. In addition, unique identification can provide the user with service data of the equipment and contacts of service partners to ease the maintenance process, ensuring asset value, total cost of ownership and process continuity.


• Designed to ensure hygienic integrity, suitable for plant washdown.
• Easy, low cost installation and set-up. No cables required.
• Intuitive mobile app.
• Safe data collection.
• 3 months trend data assist in early detection of process instability, maintenance scheduling and failure analysis.


Sensors Mobile App Dashboard
Monitor vibration, device temperature and run-time hours. Remote on-premises equipment monitoring from any iOS or Android device. Easy-to-use intuitive control panel to track vibration, temperature, run-time and battery status.
Sensors Mobile App Dashboard


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