Arcus VASA IBC Cleaner


The Arcus VASA IBC Cleaning System makes cleaning your IBCs faster, more efficient and less labour intensive with automation.

As a plug and play solution, the Arcus IBC cleaning system, with its modular design, is offered as a standard standalone system, through to a fully automated system. Providing a sustainable solution which reduces water, power and chemical usage, whilst minimising waste to drain, and delivering a safe working environment with zero manual exposure.

Standard Features:

  • Up to 150 bar cleaning pressure available.
  • Uses only 12-15 litres per minute, and 5.0kW of power
  • Electrically controlled winch for lowering and raising the cleaning head.
  • Unique integrated safety mechanism
  • Programable three stage cleaning cycle.
  • 360° High impact, repeatable cleaning coverage.
  • Easy to install and relocate.

Additional Options:

  • Hot Water module
  • Drainage Sump
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Washing Enclosure
  • IBC Pressure Test Station
  • Drying Station
  • External Wash Station

Working Principle:

High in mechanical efficiency, low in environmental impact, the fully automated ARCUS IBC cleaning system offers customers the ability to clean up to 10 IBC’s per hour.

The cleaning head operates at up to 150 bar cleaning pressure and delivers a high impact clean with low water usage, providing a consistent level of cleaning every time. The cleaning head is positioned within the IBC using an electric winch, minimising manual handling. As standard, the cleaning head has a unique integrated safety mechanism that only allows the cleaning cycle to start once the cleaning head is safely positioned inside the IBC.

The system offers a timed wash cycle, with timers to change the length of each stage of the wash cycle. There is an option for chemical dosing and three stage wash cycle (Pre-Rinse/Anti-Foam, Chemical Wash and Final Rinse), with diaphragm dosing pumps to inject chemical solution into the inlet water line to enable complete sanitisation of the IBC.


Vasa IBC Demo System

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