Removal of Biocide within the Paint Industry

Paint PotsOn a recent visit to a UK Paint Manufacturer, it was great to be part of the company’s focus on sustainability and the environment, which is at the core of our product range.

During the visit our initial attention was drawn to the very high quality clean and shiny new process vessels, which would have been more in keeping within the sanitary industry, dairy, food, beverage, etc.

inTank Technologies had attended site to discuss the TJ20G Rotary Jet Head Retractable cleaning head technology. Over the past year we have seen a steady increase in the sales of our TJ20G Retractable cleaning head systems within the Paint Industry. This is a result of more companies needing to remove Biocides from their products. Biocides are used to inhibit the build up of bacteria within the manufacturing process but with a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the company’s duty to offer a safe working environment, companies have needed to review other methods of managing this potential risk of bacteria within their products. Biocides have been linked to respiratory problems, allergies, eczema, sterility and cancers.

The question of removing Biocides is a focus for a number of industries and the Paint Industry is no exception. It has become increasingly important to ensure vessels are 100% clean to avoid the build up of bacteria but without the use of hazardous Biocide chemicals. The TJ20G Retractable cleaning system offers the answer as it guarantees an aggressive repeatable 360° jet cleaning pattern. Being an automated retractable system, when the cleaning head is not in use, it retracts back up into the Home Chamber and can be sealed if required using an automatic valve preventing product contamination of the rotary jet head.