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Working in Partnership with Alfa Laval in Dyce, Aberdeen

As Alfa Laval’s UK Master Distributor, inTank Technologies are pleased to announce that in close cooperation with Alfa Laval’s, Oil and Gas division, based in Aberdeen. inTank Technologies will now stock Gunclean Toftejorg cleaning heads, spares and Toftejorg 07 Mud Cleaner chemical at the Alfa Laval warehouse in Dyce. This has enabled inTank Technologies to offer a fast and efficient service to all customers.

Toftejorg Mud Cleaner 07

Toftejorg 07 has just gained the latest in CEFAS certification to enable it to be used with confidence in the North Sea. Unlike many chemicals it does not smell or foam during use, making the Toftejorg Mud Cleaner 07 very easy and safe to work with.

The Ultimate In Mud Pit Cleaning Head TechnologyThe Ultimate In Mud Pit Cleaning Head Technology

As well as the very well-known and proven portable or fixed Toftejorg T-82 rotary jet head which is also known as the Wizzy Head, Toftejorg have developed the ultimate in fixed air driven systems which are capable of recirculating either cleaning fluid and Mud without sustaining internal damage to the Turbine due to aggressive recirculated particulates such as Barite.

SST40A And i40AS

All of these units can be fitted with an air driven motor to completely remove the requirement for the cleaning fluid to pass through Gearbox’s or Turbines, with the cleaning fluid supply coming straight into the down Pipe assembly and out of the Nozzles.


This is a very cost effective fixed dual Nozzle unit which comprises of a simple removable air motor which enables many down pipe assemblies to be fitted with the requirement of very few air motors because not all pits will be required to be cleaned at the same time. The other key benefit of the SSt40A is that Nozzle rotation speed can be adjusted enabling fast cleaning cycle times for lightly soiled Pits and longer more aggressive cleaning cycles to the more contaminated Pits.


The i40S is a new cutting edge design single Nozzle Pit cleaning head which utilises an integral air motor to drive the head without the reliance of the cleaning, dramatically reducing any chance of damage by recirculated Mud or Barite. The head can also be set in automatic mode where it will clean all of the pit but concentrate its cleaning pattern across the base of the Pit where most of the Mud build up will be found saving on cleaning time and improving pit cleaning efficiency.