It is said that if you don’t get wet during a cleaning head trial, then it’s not been a good trial.

Well, today has not disappointed. It has been an exceptionally good trial !! It’s been a good start to 2021 for Retractable Cleaning Head orders. For demonstration/ trial purposes the TJ20G Cleaning head shown in the video is demonstrating how the TJ20G Retractable extends and then retracts. The TJ20G would normally retract into a home [...]
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Spray Balls

Have you the Balls to Clean Up?

As the UK’s leading supplier of Targeted Spray Balls, we offer customers the confidence that their vessel will be cleaned without any shadow areas and pass that all important Riboflavin test which is becoming a standard requirement from many of our customers. Here at inTank Technologies we use the latest software technology to design spray [...]
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