Trialling the IBC WashStation allows customers to see the full potential of the system.


inTank Technologies have been working with a company within the Oil industry who are looking to recycle their storage IBCs and settling tanks which are currently being discarded after one use due to the toxic nature of the product inside. Providing a solution that will allow them to re-use their IBC’s will not only improve profit margins, it will more importantly lead to a more sustainable future for oil.


The customers process includes two different types of tanks that require cleaning.  A standard 1000L IBC for product storage and a 1000L Duramaxx settling tank.

The IBC containers were not proving a viable option to be manually cleaned due to being labour intensive, approximately 30 mins per IBC and a Health and Safety risk, as the product to be removed from the IBC was hazardous. Therefore, the customer was discarding the IBC after each use.

The settling tank was also having the same issues as the IBC, with the high viscosity hazardous product settling in the bottom of the vessel.

With in excess of 80 x IBCs for this one customer, a more cost effective and sustainable solution, needed sourcing urgently.


To supply a fully automated IBC WashStation which would allow the IBC Storage and Settling Tank to be cleaned without high labour costs in a safe working environment.

The IBC is a plug and play system which during the trial was able to clean the IBC Tank in 5 minutes. The WashStation system offers a high impact clean of the internal surfaces with a repeatable and reliable 360° cleaning pattern. Due to the mounting angle of the cleaning head within the IBC, the system allows the cleaning jets to clean up into the roof of the Tank in those hard-to-reach top corners.

The system has three pre-set cycle times which allows the operative to set the cycle times and return once the clean has been completed. This dramatically reduces labour costs enabling labour time to be spent elsewhere and also reduces water usage/costs.

During the trial it was estimated that not having to discard the IBCs after every use would give them a saving of approximately £100 per IBC. The cleaned IBCs could then be reused, reducing the cost of disposing of the IBCs and the impact on the environment. Based on their current enquiry this would offer a saving of £8,500. It was soon apparent that the WashStation offered an immediate payback in just this first order.


After 3 Minutes

After 5 Minutes