The TJ20G Rotary Jet Cleaning Head with Burst Rinse Technology has changed our cleaning process forever

Food Industry – Processed Meat

With a build-up of animal fats and greases, a more automated solution was required to clean the customers process vessels. With a range of different sized vessels and configurations, an automated portable cleaning system was the solution the customer needed to not only improve the current working conditions of manually cleaning the fatty residue from the process vessels but a reduction in cleaning times and water saving was also a key focus.

Our customer was looking to run the system off the mains and therefore there was a restriction on the available flow rate and pressure.

The solution was to supply the TJ20G Rotary Jet Head with Burst Rinse Nozzles and use on a portable basis. The Burst Rinse nozzles and use on a portable basis. The Burst Rinse nozzle design enables the TJ20G cleaning head to generate high levels of impact through a condensing, indexed cleaning pattern in both the vertical and horizontal axis and instantaneously achieving a 360°coverage.

The Ability to be able to run the TJ20G, using less flow and pressure than the recommended optimised cleaning performance, is compensated by using the Burst Rinse technology. The Burst Rinse nozzles deliver a wide fanned spray pattern, quickly increasing the coverage of the internal surfaces. This was important for the removal of animal fats, as the hot cleaning media was evenly dispersed, supplying a fast heat transfer onto the internal tank surfaces. This part of the cleaning cycle was now only taking 30 seconds.

The TJ20G Burst Rinse technology has reduced the cycle times from 40 minutes to a 10 minute cycle time. The automated cleaning system guarantees a 100%, 360 repeatable clean, reduced water usage and importantly improved the working conditions, with no manual cleaning now required.