The IBC WashStation Offers The Complete Solution

Food Industry – Sauces

Tank Cleaning IBC Wash StationRemoving sauce residue from IBC’s has been made increasingly easier for a food manufacturer in the Midlands, thanks to our IBC WashStation.

With over 20 IBC’s to clean a day, the customer was having to make the quick decision to either clean or replace the IBC, depending on the level of build-up in the IBC. The IBC’s were being manually cleaned using a high pressure hand held lance. Angling the lance through the restricted inlet opening at the right angle, was proving difficult to clean the upper roof and top corners of the IBC. In many cases it was impossible to remove the residue and the only costly option was to replace the IBC’s. Cleaning the IBC’s was increasingly becoming labour intensive, taking in excess of 45 mins per IBC to clean.

The Food Industry hygiene standards are constantly under review and IBC’s, storing raw products are no exception.


The IBC Washstation offered the customer a 100% repeatable 360° clean. The Washstation operates an Alfa Laval GJ9 Rotary Jet Head which is designed to target the upper roof and corners of the IBC, ensuring even the most difficult areas to reach are cleaned. We were able to reduce the cleaning time from 45 minutes to approximately 5 minutes per IBC (reducing overall cleaning times for cleaning 20 x IBC from 15hrs to 1.5 hrs) With the high impact generated by the GJ9 cleaning head, the residue was removed from all of the IBC’s. This allowed all the IBC’s to be reused, reducing the cost of replacing with new.

The overall labour costs were dramatically reduced and in addition, with the WashStation having three different cycle times, the operative was able to set the required cleaning cycle time and then return to the IBC once the cleaning cycle had been completed. As a fully automated system, this enabled the operative to be involved in other aspects of the production process.

Our customer had always wanted to add a caustic cleaning solutions to the cleaning process but as the IBC’s were being manually cleaned, the company took the view that this could pose a health and safety risk to their operatives.

The IBC System is available with an optional chemical dosing pump, allowing chemicals to be added automatically, eliminating any risk of chemical contamination either on the skin or airborne.

The WashStation is a plug and play system which offers a simple solution to customers. The system can be used as a mobile or fixed system depending on our customers set up.

IBC before being cleaned
by inTank IBC Cleaner

IBC after being cleaned
by inTank IBC Cleaner