Using the Alfa Laval IBC WashStation allows us to clean IBC’s in 4 -6 mins

Food Industry – Tomato Puree

The IBC WashStation is effective in a number of industries and the food industry is no exception. On a recent site visit to demo our IBC cleaning system, our customer was using a high pressure lance system which was proving labour intensive taking approx. 45 mins to clean each IBC. Angling the lance through the restricted inlet opening was proving difficult to clean the upper roof and top corners of the IBC.

Within excess of 20 IBC a day to clean it was important to find a solution that not only reduced the operatives time but cleaned the tomato puree and cheese residue from the IBC.

The IBC WashStation offered the customer a 100% repeatable 360° clean of the IBC. The GJ9 Rotary Jet Head removed all the residue from the upper roof and corners of the IBC and reduced the cleaning time from 45 mins to 4 – 6 mins.

With three different cycle times, the operative was able to set the required cleaning cycle time and then return to the IBC once the cleaning cycle had completed. As a fully automated system, this freed up the operative time  allowing him to be involved in other aspects of the production process. The IBC WashStation is a plug and play system which offers a simple solution to customers. The system can be used as a mobile or fixed system depending on our customers set up.