Well, today has not disappointed. It has been an exceptionally good trial !!

It’s been a good start to 2021 for Retractable Cleaning Head orders. For demonstration/ trial purposes the TJ20G Cleaning head shown in the video is demonstrating how the TJ20G Retractable extends and then retracts. The TJ20G would normally retract into a home chamber and if required, be sealed with an automatic valve preventing product contamination of the Cleaning head.

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The TJ20G Retractable Cleaning Head is used in tanks where it is important to avoid product contamination of the cleaning head. For example, a paint mixing process vessel where paint can dry and build up on the cleaning head, or a caramel application where product can build up in layers and harden on the unit ‘sticking/jamming’ the unit together making operations and servicing of the cleaning head difficult to disassemble.

The retractor allows the cleaning head to effectively clean the product from the internal surfaces of the tank walls and then retract back up into a home chamber and can be sealed by an automatic valve, keeping the cleaning head out of the product.

The Retractor can also be used for cleaning large mobile IBC’s, where the retractor can be mounted on an overhead frame, allowing the cleaning head to extend down into the IBC tank and then retract ready for the next container. This system has been very successful in Pet Food, Paint and Dairy applications, enabling a fast and repeatable daily cleaning performance of many mobile vessels.

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