Agitator Retrofit

Can you afford not to replace your existing Agitators?

The process of replacing your existing Agitator is straight forward. On most applications, we can even use the existing mounting flange.

One of the main concerns from customers is, ‘will this energy-saving Agitator effect my product’. No is the simple answer but potentially will reduce energy costs by as much as 80%, offers efficiency gains of up to 400%, increases your yield, reduces your carbon footprint, and installed looks smart!

Existing Agitator

Alfa Laval EnSaFoil Agitator

Agitator Retrofit

The profiled impeller blade design;

  • Ensures gentle agitation
  • Less shear stress and shear rate in product.
  • Less friction resulting in less heat.
  • Less power input energy to the system.
  • Less temperature increase.

Without innovation, there is no progress.

inTank Technologies can provide step by step support from initial enquiry through to installation. As a Process Reliability Engineer or possibly an Improvement Process Engineer, it is worth understanding the benefits of replacing your existing Agitator. Replacing conventional 11kw motors with 3kw motors without any loss of performance, will not only reduces production costs but you will also be saving the planet by reducing your carbon foot print. Engineer to Super Hero all in a day’s work.

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