2021 – A Good Year for Customer Trials

It’s always difficult to return to work after the festive break but the first few days of 2022 have flown by due to projects now becoming live and new product releases.

2021 was a good year for inTank Technologies customers with the newly opened Alfa Laval Global Application and Innovation Centre. This has enabled our customers to experience how their products perform using the latest Alfa Laval Technology. Last year saw us working with a large global food manufacturer striving to develop a more efficient and sustainable manufacturing process, using their natural resources whilst also saving water and energy.

It’s important when carrying out trials that we replicate our customers process. We shipped in several products including Palm Oil, Lecithin, Rape Seed Oil and Sodium Alginate. We worked closely with the customer
to ensure all working conditions and parameters were met which gives the customer the opportunity to see how their product performs under their actual manufacturing conditions without any risks to their own process.

We have the flexibility to make any modification required to carry-out the trials. On this occasion we installed an additional LeviMag into our vessel as the customers product demanded two bottom mounted LeviMag Mixers rather than the standard single Mixer. Our customer was interested in the LeviMag Mixer but also decided to trial the Alfa Laval Hybrid Powder Mixer.

As part of the trials we supply payback calculations and with the Hybrid Powder Mixer showing a payback in 10 months our customer has now committed to a number of LeviMag Mixers and one Hybrid Mixer.

The Innovation Centre accelerates the development of our products and strengthens our capability to meet our customers current and future needs.

With the increased focus on the Environment and Sustainability we have been supporting customers throughout 2021 on water and energy saving solutions.

During 2021 we carried out a number of trials and received several interesting emails including one from a well-known food manufacturer and a Chemical manufacturer confirming the savings achieved by replacing their existing competitors cleaning heads with the Alfa Laval TJ20G Rotary Jet Head. The emails we received couldn’t have been written better by ourselves.

What are customers saying?

“As you are aware the trial was successful and the vessels in the factory are being modified so as to accept this CIP system, from our trials we used 7.5 m3 of water instead of 20m3 of water for the vessels I believe that all the 2nd floor vessels will be modified soon, then we can modify the larger 1st floor vessels. As the first cleaning cycle contains most of the colour, we will either reuse or dispose of this. The remaining washing liquor will go to drain. So 5m3 of low coloured washings with low COD demand will be sent to sewer instead of 20m3 of higher coloured, higher COD effluent. Which is a 70% reduction, which if applies to the other floors vessels will result in a massive reduction in water used on site and also effluent disposed from site.”

“We have been monitoring CIP on vessels for a while now. We moved from 30 mins, down to 10 mins on hot water and 30 mins on detergent. Definitely we can say with confidence that we have not seen any adverse effect. What we have calculated is the time : we used to do 120 – 150min clean time (depending on various factors) Now we have system running for 70 mins to do a full clean, having halved our time and water.”

Positive feedback from customers is always good especially when our customers confirm that our products are reducing their water and energy costs. It makes us all smile knowing the work we do is actually making a difference to the Environment.